Julie Vos


Julie creates six to eight new collections each year, drawing inspiration from vibrant New York City, her adoration of the fine arts, and her passion for travel.

She absorbs the glorious details of the cities she visits - the architecture, the art, the ironwork - and interprets it to create stylish and sophisticated classics that make women look and feel beautiful.

Ali & Bird


Inspired by the depth of color and wealth of texture found in natural stones, Ali is continually pushing the color envelope to build combinations that complement current fashions and enhance the most classic pieces. No two Ali & Bird pieces are ever the same and all materials are real, unique, and sometimes quite rare.

Susan Shaw


Susan Shaw designs the latest fashion trends with 24k handcast gold and sterling silver plated metals, cotton pearls, and semi-precious stones, all handcrafted in the USA. The result is stunning and will not go unnoticed by others.

Anna Balkan


Anna Balkan's handcrafted necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings are distinctive conversation pieces composed of the finest natural semi-precious gemstones and pearls from around the world. Designed from the heart, Anna's bold jewelry plays out on a canvas of 14k gold-filled and sterling silver metals. Her designs showcase unique color combinations and each piece makes a remarkable fashion statement. Particular attention is paid to the way the colors and textures work together and how the light plays and reflects among the stones.